I’m a digital marketer in Pittsburgh. I enjoy the application of creativity to advertising and this site represents my favorite examples of that process. My goal is to produce work that could hold its own against the things you see featured on this site. You can contact me here or via your favorite social network.

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Awards & Recognition:

2015 Communicator Awards’ 2016 Gold Award of Excellence – Social Content & Marketing

2013 Webby Nominee

2012 Design, Art and Technology (DATA) Award Nominee

Winner – Pittsburgh Ad Federation 2011 RFPittsburgh Competition

World’s Best Son* – Mom Wanczak


Obligatory Legalese:

All views, opinions and other nonsensical ramblings expressed anywhere on markwanczak.com are my own and not that of any employers I’ve ever had or will have. Please don’t sue me.



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