Why I’m Not Blogging Anymore

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Instead of using my time to advocate for great work, ideas and insights here, I’m doing so in other places. Twitter is the best place to see what I’m seeing. Thanks for stopping by.

Most People Just Don’t Care, and That’s Okay.

Posted on May 21, 2013 in Advertising

“The most frightening thing in our business right now [apart from the dearth of great creative work] is the dangerous assumption that most people are already interested in what we have to say and want to take part and get involved in some kind of conversation or relationship with a brand.” – The Sell! Sell! […]


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From Martin Weigel:   How to (not) Fail from Martin Weigel

One Thing Never Changes

Posted on Dec 12, 2012 in Advertising

There’s a lot of blather in the world about new agency models, new communication modalities, the idea that brands are patterns and that before long my 37-inch Samsung will be trashed for a two-inch mobile device. That’s all well and good. But victory will come, as it always does, not to the pontificators. Not to […]

How Many People Are In Space Right Now?

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Not Everything is a Story

Posted on Nov 15, 2012 in Advertising

Stories are things with beginnings, middles and ends. They have protagonists and villains. They elicit emotions. Or at least they should. A 25-pixel square trying to get you to buy something is probably not a story. – Keith Byrne, Floatsam

Kayne Wes Anderson

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Oh, the joys of the internet. kanyewesanderson.tumblr.com

Why I Read George Tannenbaum’s Ad Aged Blog

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He begins a blog post with baseball and this terribly accurate quote, “There’s nothing like being mediocre at something you love to inspire you to work harder” and ends with this terribly accurate Venn diagram about marketing: Read his daily wisdom here.

Argentinians Are Absolutely Delusional About Soccer

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Everything you think you know about the soccer fanaticism and hooliganism prevalent in Europe pales in comparison to the passionate, scary and violent world of Argentinian soccer. Watch the video below then read this astonishing article.


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